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These Favorites Save Money and Speed Harvest

When I finally break out my seed starting trays in February, I’m in seventh heaven. I save a lot of money by growing my own starts, and I can grow exactly the varieties I want, rather than just what they have at the stores. (For complete indoor seed-starting guidelines, see  How to Start Seeds Indoors.)

The Best Seed Starting System I've Found

A durable seed starting rack can produce hundreds of garden starts every year, and will pay for itself quickly. The things to look for in a seed-starting system are:

  • Optimal light spectrum to speed growth and keep plants from becoming spindly.
  • Ease of height adjustment to keep lights 2-4” above the seedlings.
  • Attractive enough for kitchen or living room so you can easily monitor growth and moisture
  • Sturdy and durable makes the investment pays for itself 

The Sunlite Garden has all these features and comes in different sizes to match your needs. 

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My Favorite Seed Starting Trays

These no-frills, deep-root seed starting trays, which come in 15, 28 and 40-cell sizes, are the best I have ever found. They're deep enough for excellent root growth and durable enough to last forever. Plus, they're inexpensive! They can be purchased with an optional self-watering mat and grow dome to hold humidity (shown on right).

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Note: I never use "plantable" peat or cow pots because they impede free root growth after planting (while you wait for them to rot), and you have to buy more every year.

Seedling Heat Mat

Nothing speeds germination and growth like a seedling heat mat. These low wattage, waterproof mats add 10-20 degrees of warmth underneath your seedlings, keeping them healthy, happy and growing strong.

Especially important for heat-loving peppers, cucumbers and eggplants.

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