Vegetable Gardening
and Composting

From Beginning to Master Gardener

raised bed gardenA Raised Bed Garden
with a Pumpkin Trellis

Welcome! Whether you're new to vegetable gardening or have been slurping homegrown tomatoes for years, you'll find how-to's and solutions here.

Growing a vegetable garden is one of the most empowering and rewarding things we can do, especially in these challenging times...

You're in the right place if you:

  • want to be more self-reliant
  • want more control over the quality and nutrition of your food
  • LOVE tomatoes!
  • dream of a verdant veggie paradise while staring at a baked-hard field of weeds
  • want something fun and educational to do with your kids
  • care about climate change and sustainability
  • want to build raised beds or a homemade compost bin
  • enjoy learning new and practical things without ever getting bored!

What you'll find here is not the latest trend or method, but the brilliant, balanced, sustainable way that nature has always gardened. How soil microbes, worms and other soil life, plants, and people can best work together to grow the most nutritious food possible - the quality food that nature intended for you to eat - but which has now become as rare and precious as gold.

Here is the "secret" - which has never been a secret - just an abandoned truth:

Growing a garden is about developing a conscious working relationship with the ecosystem that you are part of.

An ecosystem functions like a giant family, and growing a vegetable garden that is sustainable and delivers high nutrition requires cooperation with family members we didn't realize we had. (I'm afraid it's we humans who have been the dysfunctional members of this family! But no more...) There's a lot to know to create a sustainable, vibrant, nutrient-dense  vegetable garden.

As ecological gardeners we nurture the soil life, plants and pollinators, and they nurture us back as part of the cycle of life. We provide what they need through our knowledge, experience and love.

I will provide the knowledge and inspiration.

You provide the love.

This website is a kind of garden in itself. It has deep roots and keeps growing, and I invite you to come visit anytime. This page is the front gate - you can wander down the paths to discover new things, or check out the map on the bottom of any of linked pages to go straight to what you're looking for.  

A Quick Tour of Some Vegetable Gardening Favorites:

Vegetables A-Z

How to grow veggies from Artichokes to Zucchini!

Starting Seeds Indoors
When to start seeds, how to light them, and best trays to use.

How To Make Compost
Balancing ingredients for healthy, fast compost

The  Raised Bed
Vegetable Garden

Best soil to use, gallery of designs and best building practices.

Growing Veggies
in Containers

Including pots, planters, self-waterers, and the Earthbox..

Gardening Tools
What you need (and don't!) for raised bed vs. in ground gardens.

Gardening Tips

From planning to harvest, tips to avoid common mistakes.

Garden Layout

A step-by-step process for planning your dream garden

Vertical Vegetable Gardening
How to 'grow up' when space is at a premium, with a trellis photo gallery

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